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  Duron Paints & Wallcoverings: Terminator® Primers/Sealers

Terminator® Primers/Sealers

Terminator® Primers/Sealers LogoTerminator primers/sealers deliver exceptional performance over stains, porous surfaces and hard-to-stick substrates.

- Material Safety Data Sheet (English) - Material Safety Data Sheet (Spanish)
- Technical/Product Data Sheet - Environmental Data Sheet

Colors below marked in bold are considered a primary color. If color choice is unknown, data sheets in this color should be viewed.

Terminator 1 Oil-Based Stain Killer
Terminator® Primers/Sealers-Terminator 1 Oil-Based Stain Killer Label Alkyd-based white pigmented primer that both primes and seals numerous unpainted and painted surfaces. This product is ideal for interior or exterior surfaces including, but not limited to, surfaces beneath acoustical spray finishes, cured plaster, smoke and fire damaged areas, and water-stained ceiling panels.
Color Product # Data Sheets
Primer/Sealer DU1710221            

Terminator 2 Water-Based Stain Killer
Terminator® Primers/Sealers-Terminator 2 Water-Based Stain Killer Label Water-based primer reduces the porosity of surfaces such as unpainted drywall, brick and T1-11. For use in both interior and exterior applications.
Color Product # Data Sheets
White DU0071218            
Deep Base DU0071219            
Product Attributes:
  • Excellent stain killer
  • Great hide
  • Good flow and leveling
  • Good durability
  • Multipurpose
  • Fast drying
  • Easy clean-up

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