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  Duron Paints & Wallcoverings: Duron Color Palettes
Gibbes Wharf- DCR001
Aiken Ivory- DCR002
Sullivan\'s Dune- DCR003
Deerskin- DCR004
Gregorie- DCR005
Kiawah Safari- DCR006
Archdale- DCR007
Blacke House Yellow- DCR008
Yellow Jessamine- DCR009
Cherokee Rose- DCR010
Lemon Tree- DCR011
Yellow Wash- DCR012
Swamp Fox- DCR013
Lowcountry Spoonbread- DCR014
Sweetgrass- DCR015
Cornmeal- DCR016
Georgian Ochre- DCR017
Russell\'s Gold- DCR018
East India Spice- DCR019
Chalmers Cobblestone- DCR020
Rhett Pumpkin- DCR021
Silk Brocade- DCR022
East Bay Townhouse- DCR023
Cassique- DCR024
Gordon\'s Tavern Ale- DCR025
Pompion Tile- DCR026
Pomegranate- DCR027
Garden Wall- DCR028
Snapdragon- DCR029
Granville\'s Bastion- DCR030
Barbados- DCR031
State Street Pink- DCR032
Edisto Sunset- DCR033
Damask Rose- DCR034
Drawing Room- DCR035
Carolina Peach- DCR036
Madeira Wine- DCR037
Holy City Red- DCR038
Pinckney- DCR039
Pink Mimosa- DCR040
Faber House- DCR041
Rich Stucco- DCR042
Market Brownstone- DCR043
Cainhoy Brickyard- DCR044
Charleston Spanish Brown- DCR045
Withdrawing Room Red- DCR046
Sarah Hopton Pearl- DCR047
Chinese Wisteria- DCR048
Victorian Plum- DCR049
Albemarle- DCR050
Vineyard Grape- DCR051
Black Currant- DCR052
Purple Iris- DCR053
Blue Heron- DCR054
Confederate Flannel- DCR055
Hurricane Blue- DCR056
Antique Pewter- DCR057
Garden Fountain- DCR058
Hunley- DCR059
Caribbean Waters- DCR060
Charleston Prussian Blue- DCR061
Ironwork- DCR062
Port Royal- DCR063
Secession Blue- DCR064
High Battery- DCR065
Evening Harbor- DCR066
Canton China Blue- DCR067
Summer\'s Breeze- DCR068
St. Cecilia- DCR069
Breach Inlet- DCR070
Cooper\'s Basin- DCR071
Elizabeth Street Blue- DCR072
Garden Lake- DCR073
Comingtee- DCR074
Piazza Blue- DCR075
Alicia\'s Bedchamber- DCR076
Sea Glass- DCR077
Verditer Blue- DCR078
Eliza Lucas- DCR079
Loquat- DCR080
Empire Green- DCR081
Peacock Blue- DCR082
Weathered Stucco- DCR083
Acanthus- DCR084
Romney- DCR085
Holly Fern- DCR086
Salt Marsh- DCR087
Palmetto Frond- DCR088
Boxwood Hedge- DCR089
Tradd Street Green- DCR090
Longitude Lane- DCR091
Gingko- DCR092
Laurel Wreath- DCR093
Prioleau\'s Wharf- DCR094
Tea Olive- DCR095
Secret Garden- DCR096
Marion Forest- DCR097
Topiary- DCR098
Historic Charleston Green- DCR099
Charleston White- DCR100
Aunt Betty\'s China- DCR101
Quill- DCR102
Weatherboard- DCR103
Natural Stone Taupe- DCR104
Broad Street Brownstone- DCR105
Cistern- DCR106
Wrought Iron Gate- DCR107
Hitching Post Black- DCR108
Stucco Creamtone- DCR109
Buttered Rum- DCR110
Pecan Shell- DCR111
Coffee House- DCR112
Aged Cobblestone- DCR113
Blake\'s Bastion- DCR114
Colleton Woods- DCR115
Oyster Shell- DCR116
Dove- DCR117
Samuel O\'Hara Frieze- DCR118
Bermuda Stone- DCR119
Trapier- DCR120
Smokehouse- DCR121
Antique Mahogany- DCR122
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Download this collection palette in PDF.

To visualize these colors in other settings, Duron Paints & Wallcoverings offers Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer system. To launch the Color Visualizer, select the link below.
Color Visualizer
Always select colors from a color card since color on display monitors vary. To get a color card, visit any Duron Paints & Wallcoverings store. To find your closest store, visit our store locator.
Can't find a color that you are looking for? Contact us.

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